Eternity Interchangeable Cufflinks (Black Set C)

$ 980 HKD
Eternity series cufflinks are constructed of more than 10 components within a tight space of just 20mm, consisting full-titanium case, ceramic ring and one of mens’ favourites - mechanical watch rotor. Featuring patented interchangeable front face, the watch rotor can be instantly interchanged with an hourglass to match and elevate your appearance.
  • Materials: Titanium, carbon fibre, ceramic ring
  • Features: Interchangeable middle components (rotor & sand clock)
  • Colour: Black with black ring
  • Diameter: 20.0mm x 18.5mm
  • Height: 7.0mm
  • Quantity: 2 pairs (1 pair of cufflink bases, 1 pair of sand clocks, 1 pair of rotors)
SKU: HC1503-03

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