HOTITLE x PopSquare AI-enabled Pop-up Marketplace Collaboration @HKUST

【Fashion & Shopping Innovation】

Innovation is an essential ingredient in every industry. In comparison, for example, the electronic and technology industries, the fashion accessories industry is considered a much more traditional industry. Nevertheless, HOTITLE is strive to implement innovation and creativity into the design and manufacturing processes, resulting with innovative products such as the unique, first and one-of-its-kind interchangeable cufflinks.

HOTITLE interchangeable cufflinks

^ HOTITLE Speed Racer interchangeable cufflinks

In terms of consumer behaviour, online shopping has quickly become a consumers' purchasing trend in the recent decade due to the convenience it offers. PopSquare, as an innovative company, has introduced an O2O AI-enabled pop-up marketplace and products experience platform, offering consumers the perks and convenience of online shopping and at the same time providing consumers the chance to experience, get a touch and feel of the products prior to purchasing. 

PopSquare pop-up experience platform

The ongoing collaboration between HOTITLE and PopSquare at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology displays innovative products and shopping experience, in hopes of initiating creativity and innovation to the staff, students and visitors.



創新是各行各業的重要元素,相對於科技或電子產品等行業,時裝配飾算是較為傳統的行業。雖然如此,HOTITLE仍致力於傳統行業中發揮創意,當中的Interchangeable cufflinks的創新設計更是獨一無二、突破傳統。